Who we are

We are builders – driven to provide for our families and make them proud; to be good partners to our clients and keep their interests above all else. Our goal is to build a firm that will live beyond us.

Before embarking on this journey, we thought deeply about the QI business and how our skills could be additive to partners, clients and the tight nit community of Qualified Intermediaries. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t believe we could deliver on our Golden Rule – to give value.

If you’re interested in understanding more of our “Why” or participating as an investor, send us an email. We always reply back.

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What makes us stand out


We have leveraged our years of experience investing in commercial real estate and professional services and channeled this experience towards helping investors take full advantage of the complex and nuanced 1031 tax-deferred exchange rules.


Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and their wants and needs are what inspire us to be our best each and every day. We exist to serve our clients and be a force of good in protection of their best interest.


Honor each other; honor our clients; honor our word. We're committed to honesty and fairness in all our activities and relationships. We promise to act in the best interest of our partners, our employees, our industry, and the clients that rely on our expertise.

Our team

Jeff Bemis

Jeff was raised in Newport Beach, California and attended the University of Southern California. After graduating from USC as a member of multiple honor societies, Jeff worked for Ernst & Young as a CPA before turning his career toward finance and attaining his CFA designation. Jeff then worked as a consultant to small and middle market private equity firms specializing in real estate and services-based businesses.

In 2006, Jeff joined Rimrock Capital Management, a California-based absolute return hedge fund with $4 billion dollars under management. He led the less liquid and alternative capital strategies at Rimrock during his 15 years as a portfolio manager, which included billions of dollars of investment in commercial real estate transactions.

Jon Hilley

Jon grew up in Jupiter, FL and graduated with highest honors from the University of Florida. After graduation, Jon worked at Goldman Sachs for three years as a financial analyst before joining Brightpoint Capital, H.I.G. Capital’s long / short value hedge fund with $700MM in AUM. During his time there, he successfully completed the CFA program while spearheading the firm’s research efforts in the financial sector.

For the past 10 years, Jon has been privately investing and serving in an Executive capacity in various ventures, most recently scaling Mile High Labs into the world’s largest cannabinoid manufacturer. Today, Jon runs Silver Horn Capital, an institutionally respected firm with exceptional operational and capital partners.

If you're not sure about selling your QI firm, reach out anyway. We’d love to connect with you on your terms.

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We’re excited to learn more about your business. Either Jeff or Jon will give you a call shortly to say hi, answer any questions you have and talk about next steps. Please answer when a number you don't recognize calls you - it could be us! If you can't wait, you can give us a call right now at (269) 999-1031.
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